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Poha is a simple but hearty breakfast dish that originated in Northern India. Also known as aloo poha, it is made of pressed rice, potatoes, onions, and spices and is a quick and easy meal to whip up once you have all the ingredients.


1 tbsp peanut, canola, or vegetable oil
2-3 cups poha (flattened or beaten rice, dry)
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp mustard seeds
1-2 green chilies, more if you prefer spicier food
1 onion (small dice)
1 cup potato, diced
1/2 cup peanuts (may substitute cashews)
3/4 tsp turmeric
4 curry leaves
Salt to taste.
1.Put poha in a colander and wash, not letting it soak too long in the water. Leave the colander to drain out completely.
2.Heat the oil and add the asafoetida, mustard seeds, curry leaves, onions and the whole red chilies.
3.When onions are light brown, add potatoes, and turn around till they look a bit glossy.
4.Add the turmeric and sauté over low heat till the potatoes are cooked through.
5.Increase the heat, add salt and poha and mix well. Saute until mixed and heated through.
6.Shut off the heat, and mix in the green chilies, lemon juice and half of the coriander.
7.Transfer on to a serving dish, garnish with the rest of the coriander and lemon wedges and cheese served.

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